What is Recruiting-as-a-Service?

  • What is Recruiting-as-a-Service?

    What is Recruiting-as-a-Service?

    Calling all hiring managers: The days of in-house recruiting are coming to a close.

    And really, this should come as no surprise when you consider the headaches and inefficiencies of in-house recruitment. There’s no “simple” way to hire in-house. Executives may spend weeks creating job postings, marketing open positions, and digging through stacks of resumes just to build a shortlist. The process is full of hassles as it is, but it gets worse as open positions multiply. Hiring managers end up publishing bare-bones listings that fail to accurately represent job responsibilities, and spend, on average, a mere six seconds looking at each resume in the pile.

    Clearly, these are not ideal conditions for finding and recruiting top talent. And until recently, hiring executives had few alternatives to choose from.

    The Future of Recruitment

    This brings us to Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS): An outsourced recruiting strategy created as an answer to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the modern hiring environment.

    RaaS shifts the burden of talent acquisition away from hiring managers and into the hands of a third-party. This provider deploys a full-time Technical Recruiter to the site who works with the business to develop personalized strategies for candidate selection. These recruiters learn about the unique features of each organization, the desired company culture, and what positions need to be filled; combined with the skills of the business’ human resource department and owned recruitment tools, RaaS providers offer clients a substantial competitive advantage in talent acquisition.

    RaaS Advantages

    RaaS offers several notable improvements to traditional in-house recruitment model:

    • Better Candidate Quality: RaaS providers have one job: Finding the most qualified candidates to support business growth. Unlike in-house hiring, there are no other workflows or business processes to get in the way. RaaS providers have spent years cultivating extensive talent acquisition networks and developing sourcing strategies that allow them to build out candidate pipelines and connect with the right people at the right time.
    • Improved Hiring Efficiency: RaaS allows businesses to reduce hiring spend. From the time spent engaging job descriptions to the effort required to find the needle in the haystack of submitted resumes, RaaS streamlines the hiring process and delivers only the most qualified candidates to the client’s door.
    • Reduced Employee Turnover: By carefully vetting each candidate on his/her qualifications, personality, and perceived cultural fit before face-to-face interviews begin, RaaS reduces turnover of new hires and guarantees that all employees brought on board are exactly where they want to be.
    • Service Personalization: Like other outsourced services, RaaS can be customized to fit any business need. Services can be dialed up as a business scales or dialed down when positions are filled. Costs are predictable and include only the services rendered.

    Choosing a RaaS Provider

    The benefits of RaaS are numerous, but they depend on the qualifications of the provider in question. Companies interested in learning more about the advantages of RaaS should contact companies like Urgenci for an assessment of their recruitment strategies. By joining Urgenci’s proprietary candidate databases with your own business’ internal resources, your company can reduce its hiring spend, cut down on costly turnover, and build relationships with quality candidates that will last a lifetime.

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