Technology Consulting and Delivery

Complex enterprise projects and programs are a critical part of your companies’ growth strategy. Your timely access to key resources, with unique skills and experiences, is critical. Not having them on your staff today, may be putting your project/program at risk. That is where we can help. At Urgenci we can bring you that perfect candidate, whose skills and experience match your needs to fill that role. You don’t have to take the time and expense to hire and onboard a new employee. We can provide that experienced consultant, that will start providing impact to your project/program immediately.

Areas of Expertise

Business Systems & Strategy

Application Development

Digital Experience & Mobile

Project & Delivery Leadership

IT Infrastructures Cloud & ITSM

BI, Data & Analytics

“We partnered with Urgenci to help us complete a multi-year technical integration of an acquisition we made a few years ago. They’ve been critical not only building new teams, but helping us with on-going projects to transform the business unit. They continue to be a key consulting partner of ours moving forward.”

Technical Executive, National Retailer


T&M or SOW Consulting
Flexible hourly or project based solutions driven by SLAs
Managed Services
Longer term, cost effective development and deployment solutions
Offsite Development & Delivery
Virtual teams built, managed, and deployed at our facilities
Resource Planning
Collaborate and plan to support your future business and technology roadmaps
Custom Delivery Team
Teams custom built specifically for each client