Our 10 Favorite Business and Tech Podcasts

  • Our 10 Favorite Business and Tech Podcasts

    Our 10 Favorite Business and Tech Podcasts

    Podcasting is the radio of the digital world. But unlike radio, you aren’t limited in your listening options—there are millions of them out there, and not all of them are worth your time To help you narrow down your choices, we picked out our top ten list of business and technology-related podcasts for your listening pleasure.

    1. How I Built This

    How I Built This is one of the latest offerings from NPR, aimed at telling the story of companies and the struggles entrepreneurs go through to see their dreams realized. In true NPR fashion, it prioritizes storytelling and the human element behind the businesses we know and love. Check it out!

    2. Planet Money

    Another winner courtesy of NPR, Planet Money currently boasts over 800 episodes on topics ranging from tax policies to international politics to mobile data privacy. Even if you find economics a drag, you’ll find something to like in Planet Money’s selection.

    3. The Tim Ferriss Show

    Tim Ferriss’ award-winning podcast is another contender on our list. Featuring a regular stream of celebrity guests, an endless variety of discussion topics, and Ferriss’ own trenchant insights into current events, fans of The 4-Hour Workweek and other Ferriss classics need to check this one out.

    4. The Dave Ramsey Show

    Dave Ramsey needs no introduction, and his podcast is everything you’d expect from a financial guru of his caliber. Retirement planning, investing, debt reduction, saving, and real estate are all fair game in his discussions, along with plenty more to keep you solvent. Unless you’re a financial wizard in your own right, Ramsey’s podcast will teach you a thing or two.

    5. Jocko Podcast

    The Jocko Podcast offers something a little different from the others on this list. An author and retired Navy SEAL officer, Jocko Willink has some interesting perspectives on leadership that can be easily applied to the business world.

    6. Ted Radio Hour

    Are you a fan of TEDTalks? Then the TED Radio Hour is for you. Featuring a similar format and breadth of discussion as the average TED presentation, this podcast features a variety of topics for both TED newbies and veterans alike. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—if you’re interested in professional development, you need to check this one out.

    7. Techstuff

    As a subsidiary of HowStuffWorks, the Techstuff Podcast is everything you’d expect from its pedigree. The podcast recently celebrated its 500th episode, with topics covering everything from the rise of tech companies to the inner workings of the PC and Mac technologies that we take for granted. You won’t be sorry you gave this one a shot.

    8. Reply All

    Despite its name, Reply All isn’t really about technology—it’s about people. This podcast aims to tell human stories juxtaposed against communication, the internet, and the omni-present push towards technology. It’s a people-centric channel that even us technological luddites can learn from.

    9. Recode Decode

    Fans of Recode are probably familiar with this one already, but if you aren’t, the Recode Decode podcast is a great place to start. Recode has been a cornerstone of tech journalism for years now, and its podcast carries the torch through interviews, discussions, and debates with some of the leading innovators working in the industry today.

    10. The Vergecast

    Similar to our previous entry, The Vergecast explores trending technology news and current events in ways easy for the average listener to digest. Featuring a slightly lighter tone than Recode but with just as much insight, The Vergecast is a great way to stay up-to-date with trending tech.

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