5 Warning Signs Your Business Needs an Outsourced Consultant

  • 5 Warning Signs Your Business Needs an Outsourced Consultant

    5 Warning Signs Your Business Needs an Outsourced Consultant

    It’s nice to imagine that all of your company’s recruiting and onboarding can be handled in-house, but for most organizations, this isn’t the case. Hiring an outside consultant is almost always the best way to get your team ready for action—particularly if you notice one or more of the following signs in your organization.

    1. You Have a Large Team

    Onboarding is tricky; it requires specific training and dedication on behalf of the onboarding team, many of whom weren’t exactly hired for their ability to teach. And when large numbers of employees need to be onboarded in rapid succession, these workers quickly get overloaded.

    Hiring an outside consultant to manage the onboarding process may be considered a luxury by some, but is, in fact, a necessity for businesses that need to integrate new workers quickly. In-house teams can typically only manage a few employees at a time, whereas outsourced recruiters can handle any volume of employee onboarding than an organization requires.

    2. You Live In the Cloud

    The cloud is synonymous with simplicity—until it comes time for a company-wide technology migration. At that point, the cloud becomes a nightmare for businesses to manage without consultants who know how.

    The complexities of bringing in new IT resources (such as enterprise planning software or new CRM systems) and integrating them with your cloud-based resources is a lot to handle for less tech-savvy companies. Outside consultants can take charge of this process, using their expertise to create a coordinated migration plan that guarantees functionality and reduces downtime as much as possible.

    3. You Want to Prioritize Your Core Business

    Recruiting is a necessary component of every business, but most organizations just aren’t built for it. Even dedicated HR teams can get overwhelmed by the responsibilities of onboarding new employees, particularly in large organizations that regularly bring new people on board.

    Outsourcing recruiting to a consultant guarantees that the onboarding process is handled with expertise. It removes the burden of recruitment from business owners and allows them to focus their attention on doing what they do best: Developing their core business.

    4. You Have Unpredictable Recruiting Needs

    Recruiting is challenging enough when your staffing needs are steady, but it becomes a herculean task when an organization has unpredictable recruitment needs. These fluctuations generally create set periods of hectic onboarding, where seasonal employees are brought on and given only a crash course to get them started.

    Outsourced consultants can analyze these trends and help businesses develop a recruiting framework that anticipates these needs. Workers can be found and primed for action as seasonal demand increases, streamlining the company’s onboarding and ensuring that all the bases are covered, no matter how busy it gets.

    5. You Want to Coordinate Recruiting and Onboarding

    Some organizations view recruiting and onboarding as similar processes, but in truth, the two are quite different. Recruiting proper is generally handled by the hiring manager, after which the candidate is shuffled through the pipeline to start his/her onboarding process with the HR team. Understandably, this disjointed system can create challenges for new employees trying to learn the ropes.

    Letting an outsourced recruitment team handle the process removes this disconnect and guarantees that new employees receive an uninterrupted onboarding experience. Outsourced teams have standardized processes and communication that provide new employees consistent and straightforward training, from their initial interview to their first day on the job.

    Recruiting is a foundational concept of business growth, and companies who seek the expertise of outside consultants stand to gain a stronger competitive advantage than those who attempt it in-house. If your business is struggling with its recruitment workflows, reach out to Urgenci for an assessment of your company to help optimize your recruiting and onboarding processes.

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