What Google for Jobs Means for Recruiters

  • What Google for Jobs Means for Recruiters

    What Google for Jobs Means for Recruiters

    Google’s game has always revolved around data. They collect data, they organize data to deliver personalized search results, and they review data to perform continual optimizations of their services in the interest of a stronger user experience. And recently, Google has been exploring AI integration in its many services and platforms to further automate this data-focused business model.

    This love of AI-enabled data management is how Google for Jobs was born: A new service set to disrupt the current state of online recruitment.

    What is Google for Jobs?

    In many ways, Google for Jobs is just a natural extension of Google search. It’s a tool that uses Google’s basic search engine to sort and categorize jobs from a multitude of sites, including Monster, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and more. Users need only enter a query into Google search to receive a list of relevant and local job listings from all across the web. The AI component works to compare postings and eliminate duplicate listings to ensure that users don’t need to dig through dozens of similar posts when looking for their perfect job.

    While Google has stayed out of the online recruiting game up until now, this service will change the established power dynamics of online recruitment and force companies to re-evaluate how they handle the search for candidates.

    Recruitment is Changing

    While version one of Google for Jobs is somewhat limited, the company is in prime position to disrupt the talent acquisition market through its use. Google is throwing its considerable weight around the world of online job recruitment, and digital recruiters will need to adapt to how Google for Jobs empowers candidates to find job listings. Companies hit hardest by this will include online jobs boards who are doing the same thing as Google for Jobs but on a smaller scale. And of course, Google for Jobs will change the way candidates (and recruiters) approach the hiring process as well.

    More Visibility, More Jobs

    Google for Jobs means increased visibility for job seekers—instead of crawling the web for desirable positions, Google does it for them. As these functions are refined, businesses may begin to see a surge in the number of candidates who apply for positions, thanks to the increased ease and efficiency of Google’s AI-powered search.

    This means that, for companies interested in finding and procuring top talent, there will be that many more haystacks to dig through to find that needle. Quality talent acquisition is set to become an even stronger competitive differentiator for businesses; the increased visibility of Google for Jobs may be great for job seekers, but the burden of finding and assessing the quality of each of these candidates will increase accordingly.

    Companies that are unprepared for this shift may find themselves swimming in a sea of applicants with no idea of where to begin their search. These businesses should consider contacting an outsourced recruitment provider such as Urgenci. With proven recruitment strategies and established procurement channels, outsourced recruiters guarantee that the right candidates are connected with the right jobs—no matter where those jobs are found.

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