Top 10 Research Tools for Tech-Savvy Recruiters

  • Top 10 Research Tools for Tech-Savvy Recruiters

    Top 10 Research Tools for Tech-Savvy Recruiters

    There are tons of web-based tools, extensions, and platforms out there to give recruiters a hand in their candidate search. Of course, checking social media platforms like LinkedIn and job boards like Monster are a given, so we’d like to dig a little deeper into the lesser-known commodities that tech-savvy recruiters have access to.

    1. PDF Search Engine

    With so many candidates uploading their résumés to the web these days, tools like PDF Search Engine are a handy and user-friendly way to search employment sites for .PDF, Word, Rich Text, and .TXT files.

    2. Textkernal

    For more advanced CV sourcing, solutions like Textkernel offer a variety of semantic search features to match and source candidates on specific characteristics beyond what basic search queries provide. A must for large recruiters who don’t have the time to dig through piles of CVs by hand.

    3. SourceHub

    For recruiters who want in-depth search customization without the big-box price tag, productivity tools like the SourceHub Chrome extension provide x-ray building capabilities across over 15 social media platforms.

    4. Recruit’em

    Similar in application to SourceHub, Recruit’em offers a free x-ray builder for searches across social media, as well as platforms like GitHub, StackOverflow, and Dribble.

    5. GlossaryTech

    Even for industry recruiters, it can be tough to keep technical qualifications straight when you’re looking through dozens of résumés a day. Tools like GlossaryTech provide an easy way for recruiters to scan a profile for technical terms and receive clear definitions for each.

    6. MultiHighlighter

    Another great productivity tool, MultiHighlighter allows recruiters to enter keywords into the extension and see all mentions of them highlighted on the webpage or local file. When recruiting for a specific tech skillset, there’s nothing better.

    7. Interact

    Interact’s best feature is how easily it can let recruiters set up coding tests, interviews, and pre-evaluation tasks to support their candidate search. As your candidate options get narrowed down, this type of vetting tool is valuable.

    8. ManyContacts

    Have you ever had a database of candidate emails and wished that you could instantly receive a list of all known social media accounts associated with each address? With ManyContacts, you can. The extension is even compatible with Gmail for extra convenience.

    9. Grammarly for Chrome

    It’s time to get personal with candidate emails, but there’s a problem—you can’t tell a proposition from a preposition. If this sounds like you, we recommend Grammarly for Chrome. This tool auto checks your grammar, contextual spelling, and can even scan for plagiarism.

    10. Prophet

    With a single button click, the Prophet extension lets you receive everything you need to know about a candidate—social profiles, emails, phone numbers, and more. This is a great way to get a snapshot of all available data that a candidate has online.

    Results Matter Most

    Remember, recruiting tools are just that—tools. They can be great ways to find information, compare candidates, and spot suspicious behaviors, but the final call will be in the recruiter’s hands. Make sure your organization knows what traits will guarantee a successful fit; if you don’t, feel free to contact Urgenci for an assessment of your recruiting practices.

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