How to Prioritize Diversity Recruiting In Your Organization

  • How to Prioritize Diversity Recruiting In Your Organization

    How to Prioritize Diversity Recruiting In Your Organization

    Diversity recruiting is about more than just checking a few boxes or meeting the expectations of the public.

    It’s true that companies that lack diversity are considered outdated these days, but the benefits of expanding your recruitment efforts to include a broader range of candidates extend beyond public perception. Diversity can make your business more competitive in a global marketplace where diverse talent pools are the norm. Diversity supports business agility by bringing different viewpoints to the table that will bear fruit when assessing the needs and priorities of different markets.

    Make no mistake, prioritizing diversity is an important goal—if not the most important goal—for any organization’s recruitment efforts. Keep these strategies in mind as you begin expanding your talent pool.

    Start With Leadership

    Like all good corporate initiatives, a push for diversity begins at the C-Suite level. CEOs, key executives, and any other decision-making stakeholders must be on board to help these efforts generate steam. These stakeholders will be tasked with developing goals, allocating funds, and generally supporting a culture where diversity is the expectation rather than the exception.

    Talk to Your Team

    With organizational leaders on board, the next step is to find out from your own employees what they like about the company and push those aspects on prospective candidates during the hiring process. Many candidates may not believe they’ll fit into an organization’s culture, particularly if your diversity recruitment efforts are just beginning. Hearing from real employees can help bridge the gap and make them feel comfortable. Find out from your team why they enjoy working in the organization and apply those concepts to all recruitment efforts.

    But Don’t Skimp on the Perks

    But while you’re at it, don’t skimp on the perks, either. A healthy benefits package is a must for attracting in-demand candidates across all demographics. While a position’s benefits may not have the all-or-nothing draw they once did for candidate recruitment, don’t expect to broaden your talent pool without them.

    Take to Social Media

    Get active on social media to expand your outreach. Social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Twitter can be great places to spread your corporate culture and give candidates a glimpse into the day-to-day operations of your business. The great thing about recruiting via social media is that businesses can reach out to community groups, educational institutions, and other companies to expand their reach. Social media gives recruiters access to thousands of diverse candidates all at the click of a button.

    And Think Beyond Traditional Strategies

    Don’t limit your recruitment to traditional job postings. The fewer channels you use to market openings, the more restricted your pool of applicants will be. Consider setting up shop at career fairs, university functions, or other recruitment events to reach those who don’t have access to traditional recruiting strategies. These processes will be slow at first, but with the help of companies like Urgenci that can integrate these concepts into your hiring standards, greater diversity will come as a matter of course.

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