Could You Excel in a Recruiting Role?

  • Could You Excel in a Recruiting Role?

    Could You Excel in a Recruiting Role?

    A career in recruiting can be rewarding—provided you have what it takes.

    In truth, many up-and-coming candidates dive headfirst into the field without really considering if they have the skills to succeed. This is why recruiting firms often experience frequent turnover. But for the right person, career recruiting can be a perfectly natural fit that pays off in numerous ways.

    5 Reasons You’ll Love Recruiting

    Career recruiters tend to love their jobs, and when you stack up all the benefits, it’s not hard to see why:

    1. Make a Positive Impact: Recruiters help people connect with the job of their dreams. Most recruiters work with candidates willing to take a plunge into an exciting new career—and are more than grateful to those who lend a helping hand. Even recruiters who cold call candidates will eventually make an impact and help move candidates in a positive direction.
    2. Competitive Compensation: Recruiting is a hot field these days thanks to the meteoric growth of online networking and digital job hunting. Candidates with a knack for it can receive competitive compensation packages that make it well worth their while.
    3. Work Variety: Recruiters are never bored. You’ll receive a constant influx of changing assignments and new challenges, perfect for those who prefer active workplaces.
    4. Reasonable Entry Points: Recruiting is a career where you get what you earn. Advanced degrees aren’t necessary—what matters is your ability to deliver results.
    5. You’ll Become a Recruiting Expert: Working as a professional recruiter gives you the inside scoop on the tricks of the trade. You’ll learn the best ways to network with organizations, who to contact during the hiring process, which online channels are preferred by businesses, and best of all, what recruiters want to hear during interviews.

    What Skills Do I Need?

    Recruiters who love their jobs tend to have specific skills that enable their success. This doesn’t mean you can’t be successful without these skills—but those who naturally have these attributes will certainly find value in a recruiting role.

    • Strong Communicator: Recruiting is all about starting communication and facilitating communication among candidates and businesses. Naturally, social skills are a must. If you love to explore concepts with people and have no trouble interacting with strangers, you’ll be off to a good start.
    • Quick Learner: Recruiters have to think on their feet. They’ll have to explain concepts to individuals with no business knowledge and understand the best way to sell candidates to different organizations. Candidates need to be willing to learn, particularly when just starting out.
    • IT Enabled: For most recruiters, IT literacy is a must. The advent of online networking, LinkedIn, job boards, and digital business have made computer skills necessary for anyone starting out in the recruiting game. Recruiting platforms feature sophisticated search fields and different methods of aggregating candidate data—tools that the best recruiters will proactively apply during their searches.
    • Detective Skills: Recruiters and detectives have more in common than you might think. Recruiters are a company’s first responders when a job opening pops up—and bear the burden of performing initial research on candidates to create a shortlist for later review. You’ll need to understand how to navigate the internet, search for all aspects of a candidate’s online presence, and make connections between what you find and how well a candidate may fit in the corporate culture. A keen mind and curiosity are a must.

    Contact a Recruitment Agency

    If any of the above piqued your interest, you may have what it takes to make an impact in the recruiting world. Contact an outsourced recruitment agency like Urgenci to learn more about open positions—the job of your dreams could be just one click away.

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