6 Job Search Tips That Will Make You Hirable In 2018

  • 6 Job Search Tips That Will Make You Hirable In 2018

    6 Job Search Tips That Will Make You Hirable In 2018

    2018 is here. And while the New Year is a popular time for companies to discuss the changing landscape of their industries and takeaways from the previous year, we’re more interested in looking forward than looking back. As such, we’ve compiled six of our favorite job search tips to make you a desirable candidate in the coming year. Read on!

    1. Quantify Everything

    This may be the most important way to make yourself a can’t-miss candidate: Quantify everything you can on your résumé. It’s great to describe the value you bring to the table, but recruiters are more interested in concrete metrics than flowery prose. Don’t say, “I led a successful marketing campaign.” Instead, say “I led a marketing campaign that produced 100,000 new social media followers.” Numbers stand out on a résumé, and recruiters love having data that provides context for your achievements.

    2. Frame Negatives as Positives

    Let’s face it—your current job isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Why else would you be looking for new work? But you shouldn’t talk about it during your interview, and you certainly shouldn’t discuss negatives on your résumé. Whether justified or not, negativity comes across as disparaging—not something you want to telegraph to a potential employer. Instead, focus on the positives, such as what you hope to gain from your new role or what features in the new company caught your eye.

    3. Master Your Social Media Presence

    No candidate can ignore the importance of social media in 2018. We all know that inappropriate behavior can sink your chances, but less frequently discussed are the advantages that social profiles provide. If you regularly publish content, articles, videos, or even interesting Tweets, you can receive a boost to your credibility. This type of thought leadership will be highly desirable in 2018—just make sure your profile is professional.

    4. Understand the Need for Growth

    These days, candidates can’t sit back and rest on their laurels after landing a job—they’re expected to constantly grow, learn, and refine their skills. Our world is changing rapidly, and employees can quickly fall out of date when compared to hungry and highly competitive candidates in the job pool. Never be satisfied with what you know.

    5. Prioritize the People…

    Task-based accomplishments are great, but what really impresses recruiters is a candidate’s ability to manage others. Particularly in 2018, those who demonstrate efficacy at leading, coordinating, and managing teams will stand out from the pack. Being good at leading others means that you not only provide value in your own right, but you have the ability to bring out the best in your teammates and improve project efficiency several times over.

    6. …But Understand the Digital

    It’s important to describe yourself in ways that draw the interest of recruiters, but candidates in 2018 can’t neglect the digital aspect of recruiting either. Larger companies often use electronic reviewal tools to screen applications for specific keywords, qualifications, or credentials, particularly in the tech sector. Make sure you know which terms are sought by the company and how you can tailor your résumé to appeal to both recruiters and their technology.

    Articles discussing the latest trends in recruiting tend to focus on the machines—automation, AI, and systematic onboarding tools—but in truth, what matters most (as it always has) is the human element. Regardless of which tools are used, candidates need to impress the people on the other side of the table. Anyone struggling with this process should contact Urgenci for an in-depth review of hiring practices, recruitment strategies, and how to get noticed in 2018.

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