5 Ways to Achieve a Work-Life Balance You Can Live With

  • 5 Ways to Achieve a Work-Life Balance You Can Live With

    5 Ways to Achieve a Work-Life Balance You Can Live With

    Are we working to live? Or living to work?

    This is a question of work-life balance. Gone are the days where employees were expected to pull 60-hour weeks, punching in and out of an office at regular intervals like an industrial drone.

    And while the age of remote working and always-on mobile connectivity have completely changed the way that employees interact with their jobs, many of us still struggle to find balance. Busy professionals who have forgotten about their “off” buttons should take these tips to heart.

    1. Think about what really matters

    This is the most important element for busy professionals to consider and is really the crux of work-life balance as a whole. What’s really important to you? You might find fulfillment from your job, but what other interests get you out of bed each day?

    Think of this as a prioritization exercise, much like you’d do for your job. Your goal is to identify which characteristics are necessary to enjoy your life outside of the office, as well as the things that make you more productive at work. Make time for these activities.

    2. Unplug once in a while

    Turn off your laptop. Put your smartphone in a drawer. Unplug from the technology running your life.

    This sounds simple, but many of us struggle to get away from our devices. We’ve trained ourselves to always be at the ready; to always be connected. This is great for business agility but can be a nightmare from a work-life balance perspective. Don’t be a slave to your phone.

    3. Set boundaries – and stick to them

    This one is particularly important for remote working, where the line between work life and home life is blurred. When there’s no clear separation between work and play, it’s easy to get stressed out. How can you relax when getting more done is always at the back of your mind?

    Leave the work at work by creating schedules for yourself. Delineate clear timelines for each task, allow yourself some breaks, and when the work is done, allow yourself to check out.

    4. Go outside

    Yes, we’re giving you some parental advice here: It’s good to get away from those screens and get outside once in a while. This is crucial for workers who spend all day in front of the computer. Staring too long at the screen without a break is hard on your eyes, your posture, and your mental well-being. Break up the monotony and take a few minutes every hour to get some fresh air.

    5. Don’t be afraid to say no

    Time is your most valuable commodity—and people will monopolize it any way they can. Most busy professionals find themselves with too much on their plates because they’re afraid to say no when their bosses or coworkers come knocking.

    We’ve all seen those Very Busy People™ who take on so much work that they never have a minute to spare. These folks did a poor job of managing their own schedules. Make use of your time on your own terms, or someone else will do it for you.

    Work to live—not the other way around

    Work is a valuable part of life—but it’s not all life is about. Don’t get so caught up in efficiency and metrics that you wear yourself out. Your productivity won’t suffer from taking more breaks; just the opposite. Recognizing your personal priorities, allowing yourself breaks, and unplugging once in a while are all necessary in our tech-centric world.

    Whether you need more strategies for finding balance in your life or a top-to-bottom assessment of your recruiting practices, give Urgenci a call. We’ll be there to help.

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