5 Certifications Guaranteed to Impress Recruiters

  • 5 Certifications Guaranteed to Impress Recruiters

    5 Certifications Guaranteed to Impress Recruiters

    Specialized certifications always look great on a résumé, but in truth, there’s no limit to the number of tech-oriented certifications available on the internet. You could spend years taking courses and adding letters to your CV without knowing for sure if each certification will actually make you a more competitive candidate.

    To help narrow down your options, our team of HR professionals weigh in on a few of the certifications most likely to give you an edge during your next job interview.

    1. Project Management Certifications (PMP)

    In terms of all-purpose certifications that round out your skill set, employers love to see project management credentials. PMP accreditation (offered through the Project Management Institute) proves that you have the training to take projects from inception to completion across numerous methodologies. It also defines your role as a leader who has the organizational experience needed to support team unity. This certification will put you in good stead for both your application and for any future advancement opportunities in your industry.

    2. The Google Suite

    Google dominates digital enterprise and offers a variety of product-specific certifications that candidates can use to boost their profiles. A Google Analytics certification proves that you have experience setting up campaigns, collecting data, and analyzing trends. A Google AdWords certification indicates you understand how to set up keyword bids and paid search campaigns. Regardless of your industry, you can probably find a Google certification that will improve your skill set.

    3. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world, and an AWS certification proves your mastery over the company’s cloud-computing platform. This certification indicates that you’re a skilled IT professional up to date with cloud computing technologies, and that you can share this knowledge with your team. Aside from being a great resource for your own sake, this type of credential will be desirable when managers are choosing leadership roles for IT initiatives.

    4. Salesforce

    Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms on the market. Mastering the Salesforce platform is akin to mastering Google Analytics; you’ll be a highly desirable candidate for any company that uses it, and even the certification alone is enough to increase your competitive edge. A Salesforce certification proves that you know the intricacies of CRM platforms and can apply the data to provide real world solutions.

    5. Hubspot Inbound

    While Hubspot is generally considered a marketing concern, a Hubspot Inbound certification can show employers that you’re well-versed in the cutting-edge field of digital strategy. A course in inbound marketing gives candidates plenty of information that is fast becoming a necessity in digital enterprise—marketing strategy, SEO, content marketing, sales funnel optimization, and social media. If you’re looking for a role as a marketer, consultant, or digital strategist, this certification is a must-have.

    Know Your Certification Options

    Any candidate with these certifications under his/her belt will stand head and shoulders above their competitors, but a solid résumé is only one piece of the employment puzzle. If you’re struggling to understand the intricacies of these credentials, contact Urgenci for guidance on which certifications provide the most concrete value for each industry.

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