4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Job and Need a New One

  • 4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Job and Need a New One

    4 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Job and Need a New One

    We all know what this feels like. That gnawing in your gut when you think about heading to the office. That feeling of dread you get on Sunday nights. That nagging thought in your mind telling you that there must be something better out there.

    These are signs that you need—not want, NEED—a new job.

    Of course, things aren’t always so grim. Maybe you don’t hate your current role, but maybe you’ve been there just a little bit too long and need a new challenge. Whatever your reason, keep an eye out for these signs indicating it might be time to move on.

    1. There’s no room for advancement

    Now, upward mobility might not be a deal-breaker for everyone—but if you’re feeling stagnant in your current role, it can be tough to come to terms with the fact that there’s no room to move up. If you’re feeling underappreciated it might be better to move on than to stay put hoping for things to improve.

    This is particularly true for those feeling underpaid. In our experience as a recruiting firm, we’ve seen time and time again that the biggest boosts to a client’s salary come from finding better opportunities that offer higher salaries rather than holding out for incremental raises each year (and research compiled by Monster corroborates this). Whether you’re hungry for a better title or a better paycheck, don’t be afraid to examine your options.

    2. You’re not feeling challenged

    If you’re not feeling challenged at your job, it might be time to move on. This is particularly true if you’re interested in career advancement and developing your skills. You should treat every job as an opportunity to learn and build experience that will serve you in your future roles.

    Does that sound too starry-eyed? Let’s get more realistic. Yes, it’s easier to get good at your job and knock it out of the park every day rather than plunging yourself into a difficult new career. But you have to think long-term, and going through the motions will only take you so far. If you want to land more prestigious gigs with better salaries, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s as simple as that.

    3. You’re getting challenged—to the point of breakdown

    On the other hand, overwork is a very real thing—and it’s disastrous for your health.

    It’s important to find a role that challenges you, but you have to be reasonable. There’s more to life than work, and if you find yourself regularly putting in overtime shifts, long hours, or weekend on top of your normal workday, you should step back and consider whether it’s worth it. (It’s probably not.)

    The Japanese have a term for death by overwork. And while there are certainly some cultural differences at play here, we’re a big proponent of work/life balance in your career. Give yourself a break.

    4. You’ve become overqualified

    You were a perfect fit for the job when you first started. But you’ve grown a lot over the past few years, and now you’re overqualified for your current role. We’ve found that this is often the root cause of other workplace symptoms—such as feeling underpaid or feeling that the work is too easy.

    A survey of 700 workers showed that 36 percent believe we’re overqualified for our current jobs. And while some of us tend to overestimate our abilities, the numbers don’t lie—quite a few of us are stagnating in careers that don’t befit our skills.

    And at the end of the day, that’s why companies like Urgenci exist. If any of these sound like you, we want to help connect you with a career that you’ll love. Don’t settle for what’s comfortable and don’t feel like you’re stuck. With the right help, there’s always room to grow.

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