Urgenci Promotes Cassandra Snyder to Director of Recruiting

  • Urgenci Promotes Cassandra Snyder to Director of Recruiting

    Urgenci Promotes Cassandra Snyder to Director of Recruiting

    Urgenci, a Seattle-based professional services company, has promoted Cassandra Snyder to Director of Research and Recruitment in an effort to expand its enterprise recruiting offering. Cassandra will be responsible for leading and managing Urgenci’s entire recruiting team and process.

    Cassandra was previously the Marketing and Research lead and has held multiple marketing, research, and recruiting-related roles inside Urgenci for the past five years.

    “We’re very excited to expand Cassandra’s role inside Urgenci,” Tom Taft, Managing Partner at Urgenci said. “We’re firm believers in promoting from within, and Cassandra has displayed strong leadership qualities and a tenacious work ethic required for this position.”

    “I’ve had the great pleasure of working with and watching Cassandra grow for the past five years, and this move was a no-brainer for us,” Jeff Hibbert, Managing Partner at Urgenci said. “Cassandra deeply understands and has championed our enterprise recruiting offering, and placing her in charge of our recruiting efforts will allow us to continue to scale this offering.”

    About Urgenci: Urgenci bridges the gap in professional services by offering customized business and technology solutions up and down the organization and across the United States. Urgenci’s customers are technology C-level leaders, VPs, directors, managers, and project owners who oversee technology critical to their business and to customers.

    Urgenci is unique. They not only offer high-level professionals who deliver technology solutions end-to-end, but really get to understand the culture and organizational nuances often overlooked.

    Urgenci serves clients in the Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Emerging Growth business sectors. Their clients include Madrona, Skytap, Moz, and Rightside among others.

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