The Fastest Growing Well-Paid Jobs

  • The Fastest Growing Well-Paid Jobs

    The Fastest Growing Well-Paid Jobs

    In the past, we’ve discussed jobs with the most promise in the coming years, as well as jobs that are on the decline. But today, we’d like to review jobs that might be of particular interest to tech-centric job seekers: Fast growing jobs that also have substantial salaries. In other words, the holy grails of job hunting. Read on!

    Software and App Developers

    Naturally, software developers scored well on both job growth and pay scale, with CareerBuilder projecting 15 percent job growth from 2018 through 2023. Their data showed that those in this field earn a median hourly wage of $48.49, though this can fluctuate greatly based on qualifications and experience.

    Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

    Marketing is one of those great skillsets that can be useful in any industry, and the hireability stats for marketing professionals certainly reflect this. The above research by CareerBuilder found that marketing specialists will see 12.6 percent job growth by 2023, earning a median hourly wage of $30.21.

    Computer and Information Systems Managers

    Someone has to manage all these computer systems, and those who do will get paid well for their trouble. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that computer and IT system managers will see 12 percent job growth by 2026, with median earners making nearly $67 per hour—an impressive $139,220 per year.

    Information Security Analysts

    Interested in a field that offers guaranteed job security and a paycheck nearing the six figure mark? Consider a role as an information security analyst. These IT experts plan, coordinate, and maintain corporate security systems, as well as perform damage control when attacks occur.

    This field has the highest job growth of any on our list, with the BLS reporting a staggering 28 percent growth rate from 2016 to 2026. They also earn, on average, $48.92 per hour, placing their salary just shy of six figures.

    Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

    This broad category includes a crucial demographic of professionals who specialize in helping companies protect their brands. BLS data shows that advertising manager job growth will increase 10 percent through 2026, with managers earning a median hourly wage of $62.20.

    Computer and Information Research Scientists

    Information research scientists are at the forefront of the computing industry, responsible for designing new approaches to computing technology and solving the industry’s biggest computing challenges. Experts in these fields will find themselves in high demand over the coming years, with the BLS projecting a whopping 19 percent job growth between 2016 and 2026. They also earn a respectable pay, with median hourly rates of $55.06 that put their annual salaries well into the six figure range.

    Find Work and Get Paid

    The above salaries and growth speak to the growing need for tech professionals across all industries. Nearly every industry has a tech component these days, and if you want to get in on a field that offers great salaries—alongside plenty of options to fall back on—we recommend one of the above roles. And if you’re interested learning more about finding a job in one of these fields, our team at Urgenci are happy to point you in the right direction.

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